Ahjumma Jung-ah and stiff Nana crying for mercy after stretching XD


Kim So Eun - bnt International April 2014 behind the scenes

MBC drama awards 2012 special performance, Kim so hyun, Yeo Jin goo and Kim Yoo jung (the moon that embraces the sun/missing you crossover)


requested ―(x_x)→ anon

make me choose: nana or naeun (requested by anon)

make me choose; after school or sistar asked by jungprincesses


3/20 Favorite kdrama OTPs - Yong & Eun Chae - Iljimae

Running Man ep152 - Han Hyo-joo

8/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; im jinah.

q: what genre do you think fits you the most? "um, slightly lively and cute things? i thought that’s what suited me. however, since i’ve gotten into after school, i’ve tried many other styles and found that other things suit me as well. so…i’m happy!" -nana when she first debuted

Nana’s selcas + pastel